Anyone using Wolfbite Mega on PEI bed?

I’m printing PC and PC/ABS on my MINI in an enclosure with the nozzle temp at 280° C for the first 5 layers, then reduced to 270° and the PEI bed at 120° C. Small objects print okay but there’s minor warping unless I use a little glue stick. But larger prints over about 2 inches wide warp like crazy no matter how much glue stick I put down.

I have been reading about Wolfbite Mega for PC and PC/ABS and it’s pricey but it looks like it might do the job. I was curious if anybody here has used it. Airwolf recommends using it on glass, but I was curious if you can safely use it on PEI. I’ve also looked at vision Miner’s Nano Polymer Adhesive. It’s even more expensive, but it’s supposed to work on PEI for any filament.

Anybody have good luck with these types of adhesives or any other tricks for getting PC or PC/ABS to behave and print flat?

I haven’t used the type of filament you mentioned and this may be redundant information but just in case it’s helpful I wanted to mention that if you haven’t turned your toolheads part cooling fans off you may want to try a print with the fans turned off to see if you still encounter warping.

Also if you haven’t tried it yet you can do a reconditioning of the PEI on your bed to revive it’s adhesive properties. The best way to do this is to get a spray bottle and mix up 1 part alcohol and 9 parts water. Get some 1500 - 2000 grit sandpaper. Get a sanding block. Spray some of the 1:9 mixture on the bed (get it nice and wet. Just make sure that your printer is turned off and unplugged). With the sandpaper on the sanding block, wet sand the entire bed until you see a slight whitish film, then stop. Clean the bed good using the same mixture with a clean cloth. This process will last a good while. I know this sounds a little strange but it does work really well.

Thank you for the reply, Galadriel. I do print Polycarbonate and PC hybrids with fan off. With PC-Max, I get very little warping on clean PEI, even on large print objects, but I’m trying out 3DXTech PC/ABS and it is a challenge to get good adhesion for objects over a couple of inches long. I may have just not found the sweet spot in the settings yet, but I had heard good things about Airwolf 3D Wolfbite Mega for adhering PC to the bed and was curious if anyone in the forum had tried it on PEI. I do had the modular bed so I can flip it to the glass side if needed.

Thanks for the tip on reconditioning the PEI. I have a thicker PEI installed and haven’t sanded it in a long time so I will definitely do that.

Nano Polymer Adhesive from Vision Miner works AMAZING for PC – seriously epic.

Polycarbonate does warp like crazy, but with this stuff, I’ve had it bend an entire carbon fiber plate on a 10-inch long part – it was STUCK so good it warped the actual 3mm carbon plate. Definitely give it a shot, you don’t even need to use a brim! works on glass too, and for just about every filament we’ve tried… just not PVDF or Delrin (to be expected, anyway)

they give out free samples too: . ($5 shipping or something)

worth every penny

We used wolfbite in the past but it didn’t quite work as consistently… better than glue stick, though!