AO-10x with a quick fit extruder

What you will need:

  1. Quick-Fit X-Carriage for Igus Pillow block bearings by yurykk

  2. Quick-Fit Budaschnozzle-compatible extruder body by Dwayne

  3. Optional: I widened the frame of my Lulzbot Ao-100 at the same time to maintain full bed travel, You can perform this mod without wideining if you are prepared to accept a 5-10mm reduction in X travel. I also wanted to make room for my eventual dual extruder project. The Lulzbot A0-10x series is actually slightly narrower than a stock mendelmax 1.5, so I was able to just buy those frame parts and swap them out. No firmware updates or anything required, you just move the X endstop. I’m not sure of the rules about linking to other competitor stores here, and I don’t wanna get banned, so I’ll just say you’ll need 4 300MM 2020 Aluminum Extrusions, 2 420mm 2020 aluminum extrusions, preferably pre-drilled for the top cross pieces (holes 60-ish mm in from either side) and 2 8mm x 445mm Precision linear shafts. All of which ran me about $40

Once you print the quick fit carriage and all the required parts for the quick fit frame, etc., you disassemble everything, and free your budaschnozzle (sp?) from the original mount and use it as a template to mark the area you will need to clearance around. On mine I ended up having to remove a small half circle of material along the front edge, , remove the corners, etc. You should be able to make it fit without structurally compromising it. Then you just put everything back together and recalibrate. SO far it seems to be working well, and the extra spacing on the rails has actually helped the print quality a little bit.

Next step will be placing a DB9 connection inline on the wiring harness. The goal will be to allow me to swap out a smaller nozzle, a dual extruder, or perhaps a polyschnozzle (sp? seriously, you guys need an easier to spell name for those things) or maybe even other extruder head types without needing to buy a new machine to play with it.