Lulzbot AO-101 for sale (CHEAP)


I have decided to sell my AO-101. I have it since a year and a half, bought it 800$ from a guy that never used it, it was still packaged. I changed the nozzle for a budaschnozzle 2.0, added an extruder fan and put a larger fan on the RAMBO board to make it a bit more quiet. I have also modified the filament holder, as seen in the pictures.

Complete specs here:

The reason I’m selling is simple, I don’t have anymore time to spend on the printer. I have had several clogging issues recently, which I just solved but now I have extruder temperature problems. During prints, the extruder temperature suddenly jumps 10-20C way above prescribed temp (185-195), and so Pronterface stops the print. When cleaning the hot end, I probably pulled a wire unintentionnally …

Anyways, no more time to repair this. My loss is your gain. You have 2 choices, you can either repair the temp problem and have a VERY cheap and functionnal printer, or upgrade the hot end (around 150-200$) and again have a very decent printer for cheap.

PRICE: 275US$ with possibility of brand new rolls of ABS/PLA, depending on your offer. It’s going to end up on ebay pretty soon, so hurry-up!

Buyer pays shipping, I’m willing to ship to Canada and US.

Thats not a bad price for an AO-101. I have no room for a second one otherwise I’d grab it.

You may want to run a PID Tune to help your temperature fluctuations. IIRC the A101 used a Budaschnozzle 1.x. When we swapped to the 2.0 we changed from a 6.8ohm resistor to a 4.7ohm resistor, which have different ideal PID settings.

Anyhow, the printer looks to be in pretty good shape!

Not available anymore, I changed the whole extruder and it’s now working like a charm.