Auto leveling not working

My apologies if this has been asked and answered before.

My Mini is brand new. So far I have printed the Roctopus and one small creation of my own using Cura. Today I started a new print but the Mini is not going through its self-leveling process so the print begins in thin air. Can’t figure out how to get the machine back on routine. What am I missing? TIA.


Hi Fred, if you’re still in beginner mode, you should be able to just click Machine, and add new machine, select Mini. This might add a new machine named Mini(1) but it should load the proper parameters. You could also check the Start/End-GCode tab to see if there is anything present. The start code tells it to clean the nozzle, go to proper temps, and home, before printing.
Hopefully it’s something that simple.

Thank you, kind sir! I reloaded the machine and am back in business. :smiley: