Lulzbot Mini isn't autoleveling

I’m pretty new to things in the 3D printing world. I got my Lulzbot Mini in December and it was working fine. Now I’ve switched computers and it is having a ton of problems. It clogged and I cleaned that up, now when it prints it doesn’t do the autolevel and cleaning anymore it just goes straight to printing and prints way too high. I’m not sure how to make it do the autolevel again?

Configure Cura with mini as the machine type.

Do this by selecting in Cura: Machine > LulzBot Mini. If that’s not present, in the same menu select “Add new machine” and click through the configuration wizard.

I did that when I installed Cura. And each time I uninstalled and reinstalled or tried different updates.

I went to the lulzbot downloads site and found profiles for the mini and abs printing. I installed one of those (the high quality one) and my printer started doing the cleaning and levelling again but wouldn’t extrude any filament. So I cleaned it again (in case it was clogged) and started another print. This time it didn’t print the brim, it just went around it as if it was printing it (but with no filament) and than became printing the actual model. I had to leave for work but I’m hoping things will be looking good when I return home.