Autoleveling does not level the print bed..

Dear friends, After a couple of weeks of use I have noticed that the auto leveling in the MINI printer does not level phisically the plate but generates a equation to move the extrusor up and down during the printing process.
Is there a way to level phisically the plate to avoid the z motors work up and down during the printing?
In my particular case the print bed is about 1.5mm lower in the right side than in the left side.
Thank you so much

Remove power from the printer and unplug the Z axis motors. Manually turn the left or right motor as necessary to level the bed leveling washers with the x axis smooth rods using a scale or other measuring instrument. After you have equalized the distances between the leveling washers and X smooth rods, plug the motors back in and try running a print. That should take a lot of the Z axis movement out of your print.

You might have had a Z axis motor lose steps at some point, that will cause the bed to be out of level left to right.

I think that you are right: One and sometimes both of the z motors lose steps… Do you know how can it be fixed?

Thanks a lot!

Have you lubed the lead screws? Lulzbot recommends Lucas White Lithium Grease NLGI#2.

Yes it is well lubed, but it keeps loosing steps in the z axis… I will start a new thread about this specific problem with a couple of pictures.

Thanks a lot

If you are too far out of allignment, the Z axis starts to bind more. If you are 1 thread off, it might bind a bit more. 2 threads it will start to bind constantly, and with each additional thread off the angle gets steeper and tends to bind more and more. The other thing that can cause binding is if the Z axis coupler on the side that is off is slipping. Check the setscrews and make sure at least one of the set screws on either half of the coupler is lined up on the flat spots of the leadscrew or the motor shaft and is down and locked tight.

Motor allignment can also cause that, but it would have to be off a whole bunch to one side or the other. ALso an intermittant electrical issue, check the cable clips, but you would be seeing other issues with that so thats probably not it.