Bearing failure on Printer Head

After only 2 months, this bearing failed - the one on the shaft that pulls the filament to the nozzle. I emailed support on this too.

Can someone tell me the bearing part number since I need to get this printer up for a project due this week. Sorry this pic is rotated 90 degrees CCW.


According to the TAZ-BOM, it’s a 608ZZ bearing, and there are 3 of them for the extruder. On on the idler, and two on the hobbed bolt. These bearing are pretty common, I think they’re used in skateboards or roller skates.

You have a bunch of plastic shavings there, and that bearing isn’t a sealed unit. What i would do if I were you, is take the extruder apart adn remove all three bearings, then spray them down with some WD-40 to try and blow loose the plastic chunks that are probably inside that rear nonsealed bearing. Also take the time to clean any plastic out of the hobbed bolt at the same time with a small wire brush or a pick. Chances are the bearing itself is fine. even 2 months solid 24 hour a day, 7 day a week running shouldn’t put that bearing anywhere near failure point.

Thanks all - the bearing is a double sided shielded bearing that is pregreased. What you see in the picture is the bearing without the shield on it - I took apart and the shield is gone on this side, and the cage is in a bunch of pieces. I took a bearing out of the wife’s roller blade wheels and now up and running again.

I think I have maybe 150 hours or so on the machine.