Taz spare parts.

Hey all,

I want to print a few spare parts in case of any future needs.

Which parts would you prioritize if you were doing this? Extruder gears? X-axis? Everything? :stuck_out_tongue:

bed clamps seem to easilly get melted.

I would think about having the following on hand:
I break the filament guide every now and then so I like to have one of these on hand:

Printing a reel hub will allow you to mount two reels of filament onto the TAZ easily. Adjust the tension on the mounting screw so it still spins with little resistance, but doesn’t cause it to lock, or use another nut(wing nut) as a lock/jam nut to keep the shaft from loosening/tightening.

Printing an extruder set complete with gears might be a good idea. Not long ago I noticed the extruder body on my AO-100 was delaminating at the hobbed bolt joint. It seems not to impede its functionning but I plan to print a new one shortly.

You are a soothsayer Orias.

I just broke my filament guide. I’ve managed to print a spare.

When removing the screw that holds the guide to the extruder the nut fell off the back. Have you found that you have to disassemble the extruder to get that bolt back on?

Also what is the best way to pop the bearing out of the guide? Brute force?

I find that using this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10735 eliminates the need to reprint the filament idler. It’s a rather fast print, so replacement is easy.

I have not had to remove the filament idler yet, so I haven’t had to hunt down the captive nut. Once you find it you may want to lock it in place with some heat or a weak lulzjuice solution.

If you are going to replace the whole idler, just pop out the old bearing and shaft by whatever means necessary. You can usually just push it out the back by applying pressure from the front. If you hold it by the top and bottom, the idler will flex slightly and open up a bit more to allow the shaft to pop out. Make sure the new idler is cleaned well enough to allow the bearing to spin freely.

I don’t follow. Where do you put that thing you just posted?

That sits within the filament idler. One of the extruder idler screws goes through the long hole and keeps the small hole centered in place of the original flament guide.