“Bed heating failed printer halted, reset printer”

I have Lulzbot taz workhorse 3D printer. While trying my 1st print from SD card this message appears “Bed heating failed printer halted, reset printer” pls assist how to reset or solve this problem?

Is your bed heating at all? My guess is if you’re printing the stuff on the SD card then the bed shouldn’t have any issue getting up to temp, so I would check for a loose wire.

I had the issue crop up when printing ABS (with a bed temperature of ~100), the reason is the bed can’t heat up as fast as the printer thinks it should, so it throws that error. As a work around I would manually heat the bed before starting the print. That got old fast, so I fixed it by changing two things in the firmware, the first was to have the bed operate at 100% power instead of 80% power. The second was to change how quickly it expects the temperature to increase every few seconds. I never had an issue with it doing this while printing PLA,