Bed suddenly stopped heating

The bed was working fine last week, I was running it at 60C for some PLA prints… I just turned the system on and now it’s not heating up.

I set the bed and nozzle temp using pronter, the nozzle is heating up fine but the bed is at 21C.

I measured 12V DC at the connector going to the bed so it seems like maybe something with the bed itself? I’m not sure what the next step is in troubleshooting…

I’m sorry to hear that! Would you power off the printer and disconnect the USB cable and test the resistance on the two connectors for the heated bed? You’ll then want to reconnect them and see if the bed starts to heat.

If the bed is still not heating after reconnecting it, then send an email to with your name, order number and a description of what you have noticed and what you have found when measuring the resistance on the heated bed connectors. How does the heated bed connector look?

I’ll send an email to support as well, but I wanted to follow up here too.

I measured the resistance to the heater bed and it was about 1.1 ohms (not sure what it should be).

This is how the connector looks (the large connector)

Big thanks to the Lulzbot support team. I had a flakly connector and all is well now.