Bed Slanted

I had to replace my heat bed about 5-6 months ago and since then my bed is slanted on the right side. I’ve tried reseating the bed, making sure everything is leveled, readjusted the belts and I’m at a loss now. When I do a test print, the auto level will probe the first two points but at the third one it’ll either miss by not coming down and touching the washer or it’ll touch the washer at the corner. I’ve also tried to compensate this by adjusting the right z-axis rod but the prints come out messed up even though the nozzle touches the washer.

I’m at a complete loss here as this is really becoming frustrating. What else can I look at to correct this?

Modified the stl in tinkercad for the 1.04 bed corner piece by shaving off 1mm where the bed sits and printed it up in PLA fixed my problem. Gonna print up more to balance out the entire bed in PETG now so it’s stronger even though I should be fine with PLA.

A little better, but same issue overall. Not sure what else to do now except have tech support look at it. :frowning: