Bed tent like

So I noticed something strange while leveling the bed on my TAZ3
I get all the four corners right, checking the resistance under the nozzle with the thin piece of paper. When I move towards the middle, the pressure on paper increases, and its a big difference in the center.
Kind of, like a tent, you stick it in the 4 corners, and the middle lifts
Is this normal or should I try to lighten the pressure from the screws on the four corners of the bed?
Honestly, I was messing with them more then once, trying to get this right…

Ideally you would have everything at the exact same level. You will find though, that as long as the extrusion sticks to the bed, any irregularities will work themselves out on the next layer. It’s remarkably forgiving.

The pressure increases in the middle because the x axis smooth rods flex when the extruder assembly move to the center. If you level at the corners then set your first layer z height in the center of the, it works itself out in the first couple layers, like Orias said. I have been having good success by setting my first layer gap at 0.005 inches with a feeler gauge in the center of the bed.