Bed Levelling

Hey folks!

TAZ3 arrived yesterday. Finished assembly just now. I have been working on the bed levelling for a couple hours now and I cant seem to get er eh! The back left corner is quite a bit lower than the other 3. I am wondering if I am missing something, I thought at first the bed frame wasn’t sitting properly on the taz frame. It doesn’t appear that would be the overall issue as only 1 corner is causing the issue.

I am close to getting the bed levelled using all 4 corners however the back left corner is still quite high up to get the nozzle to bed tight with paper and I am wondering if this might create issues down the road being so close to un-threading from the aluminum base plate. Anyways, does anyone have some suggestions on something I may have missed?


Have you verified that the X axis smooth rods are level in relation to the Y axis aluminum bed mounting plate? If so, and you have access to a metal straight-edge of some kind, check the aluminum bed plate for straightness and level, by holding the straight-edge right against the metal plate.

With the provided ruler I levelled the x axis smooth rods to the aluminium bed. I worked with the bed again this morning and I have got it quite close to level now! First octopus off the printer just now.

I also printed the bed levelling SD card file. It seemed to go 99% well. the rounded corner at the right front didn’t appear to stick to the bed well producing a straight line of filament for about 1.5" before adhering again and producing the requested round bend of filament.

I also noticed this straightening of the filament on the initial outline of the octopus today as well, it was for a short period of time and in a different location than the original bed levelling print.

I am using Lulzbot red ABS @ 230 Nozzle & 110 Bed. Direct on glass print. I also set the extrude mm/s to 150 for the initial release of new filament to ensure constant feed, I left the feed at 150mm/s for both the bed levelling print and the octopus print by accident. It didn’t appear to affect either print and I wouldn’t expect this to be the reason for the filament not sticking in a couple areas. Most likely I should be using painters tape etc…

p.s. I do not have the ability to check the aluminum base plate for level as of yet.

The manual extrude/reverse speeds/length in Pronterface will not effect the printed items. Are you using the ABS and acetone solution?

I am not :S Orias.


No worries, that’s just going the be the last piece of the puzzle, to fix your not sticking problem. In the TAZ 3 3D printer user manual, in section 8.3 (page 145) you’ll find the proceedure and recepie. Apply as needed every 3 or 4 prints and you’ll be fine.

Sounds good thanks!

I am just now looking at the bottom of my print as compared to the print received with the purchase. The received print bottom appears to be “smoothed” out on the bottom where mine appears to be round strings of filament. I am wondering if this solution helps to smooth out the bottom layer and I think my nozzle height is probably just a hair to high as well…


you are indeed about a half a hair too high. Adjust and see if it’s any better, usually a half a turn, counter clockwise.

Thanks Orias!


Just an update to others:

I have not used the acetone solution as of yet so I will not speak of prints abilities to stick to the heated bed this time…

I set my bed level as per the instructions, I could not judge exactly how tight to make the nozzle to paper. I made my first print (octopus) and I had a look at the bottom side of my print compared to the print received when I got my printer. My print had a lot of gap on the initial layer and was not a ‘smooth’ as my received print. I then adjusted my bed as per Orias about a half turn counter clockwise until I got the bottom of my octopus’ to look similar to my received print.

It took basically 4 prints to get it where I am happy with it. (I only printed the first few layers to test the base of the print) I then proceeded to print mo-ring (moustache ring) haha Im not sure what I am going to do with it…


I’m glad to hear printing! You’ll find that larger objects or longer prints will need the ABS and acetone solution. I would hope that you rock your mustache ring, and wear it proudly :smiley:

But Of Course!

p.s. Feed issues at the end caused my beautiful jewellery to be flaud :frowning: lol