Beltmount replacement

I’ve never been happy with the tight separation between the belt mounts and the belt. The hex screws rub the belt near the pully and visibly wear it down. So, I sat down and created a version with the hex screws positioned 2mm further away from the belt.



Updated stl’s, I made an X- and Y-axis version, due to frame rubbing near the Y-idler mount.
BeltMount_X-axis.stl (75.5 KB)
BeltMount_Y-axis.stl (75.3 KB)

Thank you!

We were just noticing this and were discussing it on twitter a few days ago. I’ll take a look at it!


update: I noticed my replacement rubbed the metal frame near the Y idler mount, so I had to trim of 1,5mm from the top to make it as high as the original, but only have the screw and insert hole displaced. Hope this is still strong enough.

In the picture below you see the result of my effort to shave it down with at file. Actually 1,5mm probably was too much, but I wanted to be on the safe side.