Y-axis belt upcreep


While scrutinizing my Y-axis I noticed the belt creeps up to what looks like the roof of the front bearing mount.
I have installed the Y-axis dampener and have “decent” tension on the belt, but have no means to measure forces. It seems like the pully and/or the bearing suffer a slight angle (either by-design or from the belt tension) that makes the belt creep up.

The belt rubbing the top shelf of the bearing mount. There is slight wear visible on the belt (not on the picture, but when looking at the belt from above).

The belt seen going up from the belt mount under the bed to the front bearing.

The pully

Printing is not affected (as far as I can tell) but is anyone else seeing this? Any remedies or better not fix a working system?

Fixed it by bending the frame wing on which the bearing mount is attachted a bit outward. Also constrained the outward inclination of the dampened stepper with cable ties so that the pully is more upright.

I had that issue, although not as severe as your pics show. In my case, the problem was some extra plastic protruding around the periphery of the front heat-set inserts. That extra plastic was keeping the idler from being “flat” against the frame. Took it off, cleaned up the protrusions, and after that the belt was pretty close to centered.

I like your idea of constraining the motor tilt – I do have that issue since adding the isolator, and the belt always rides up against the top lip of the pulley due to that tilt. Did you note any increased noise, i.e., any vibration transmitted to the frame via the tie wraps?

Not that I can tell. It’s as “loud” as allways :laughing: