Best combination for Dual-Head With Support

I normally print Black ABS on a single-head Taz 6 for prototyping purposes Upgraded to a dual-head as more and more prints need support. I don’t need dual-colors, just a print that I can soak to remove the support material. The existing information I’ve seen have been contridictory.

I see Cura supports:

  • 910 & PVA Support
  • PCTPE & PVA Support
  • Bridge & PVA Support

But I also see recommended:
ABS & HIPS - Disolved with Lomonene
Anything & Polysupport


What combination works best? I’d prefer to stay with ABS as my primary but I can go with anything.

I have played with ABS and HIPS before.
It does work, but some ABS degradation can occur, depending on the brand and how long it is in the D-limonene. I do not do much dual extrusion right now, though.

I am interested in the 910/PVA combo. that sounds like a usefull mix, if it works.