Dual Extruder: Using second printhead as standard?


i got the new dual flexxy extruder for my TAZ6.

I already know how to print with both heads via cura, i also know the T1 trick at the end of the start.gcode to use extruder 1 as standard… BUT:

What if i want to print ninjaflex, and wanna use the ABS in the first printhead as support material? If i manually add T1 at the end of the start file, it is using T1. So far so good. But if i add the option in the expert settings to use extruder 0 for support, it still uses T1 (in my case ninjaflex) as support material later while printing.

Any ideas? – I don’t want to switch the hardware connectors :wink:

Hmm… sounds like a bug in Cura. Could try S3D… but maybe someone in the community has better ideas. Switching the wiring or extruders would be clever. :slight_smile: Could also try replacing the extruders with the customized extruders that allow the printing of semi-flex with the normal idler.

Did you ever figure out a solution to this problem? I’ve been attempting to do EXACTLY the same thing, but I’m using a Taz 5. This post is the only place I’ve been able to find reference to what I would think is a fairly common issue… I want to print in just ninjaflex, using ABS for support.

I’m pulling my hair out… close to designing the support myself and doing it as a traditional dual extrusion print.

Hi, this is still not possible with the old Cura software. Maybe with the new beta version… but I did not try it…

I stopped my dual extrusion experiments, since it’s very hard to gather perfect results over time.

I think Ultimaker 3 has a better system for dual extrusion, which does not matter for me, because I’m printing Flex only. And Flex is likely impossible to print on an Ultimaker with back extrusion. Flex always requires direct extrusion.