Big clock

Long time wanderer of this forum. Can’t say enough good things about lulzbot products. I finally made something large and fun. I wanted a clock I could see from across the room. I ran out of washers so the outer ring isn’t totally done yet plus I still have to design and print the internal part.

Whoa, I like that a lot. Can’t wait to see it completed :slight_smile:

Fantastic job!

Keep us posted, I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Is big!

Ok it’s done finally

Started out looking like this

Good job, always like DIY work.

mbur371189, can you share the files with us?

Not sure about anyone else but I would like to give this one a go. That came out really nice!! Great Job!!

Once I get home on business now I will see what I have. There were a lot of changes. I wanted to learn how to design a round object. Hence the idea of a clock. It was made to bolt together with minimal glue. In the end I glued almost it all together.