Black PLA vs. other colors

I grabbed some old (some nearly 5years) scraps of pla filament from my maker space to use on my mini while I waited for my spool of black pla to come.
Every piece of every age worked beautifully, save for the black. It would delaminate and birds nest on smaller parts after a couple layers. And layer adhesion seemed rather poor. I thought it was simply that the material was old, but when I got the new spool and started working with it, I had similar issues.
Anything I could do to fix the issue?

I have two spools of Black PLA that Aleph Objects sent me by mistake when I had ordered ABS. They are refusing to swap them for me because I took too long to notice their error. I can’t use PLA for the work I do. Make me a reasonable offer and they’re yours.

To fix your layer adhesion raise the extruder temperature a few degrees. Also try to have your printer in a warm non-drafty area of your house. If you are using the fan, slow it down. I have noticed if the fan is running at greater than about 60% it will begin to cool the nozzle as well as the filament.