Can different colors of same PLA need different temps?

Used the Polymaker Polylite PLA in green and then teal with no issues. Switched to the black Polymaker Polylite PLA and suddenly it is having issues. It seems to need a higher temp. It is not getting the best stick to the mini build plate. Corners are coming up. And it is not coming out of the nozel as drippy as the teal was. All the settings in Cura are the same.

So filament or hardware issue is the question.


They can due to the different colorants used. Try a few degrees hotter or colder depending on what you see.

For what you’re describing though, try cleaning your PEI print surface first to improve and correct your part adhesion:

This may also help you purge the contents of the hot end:

Upping the temp a little did the trick. Thank you!