BRAND NEW lulzbot TAZ 5 for SALE


Here’s the ebay link to a brand new lulzbot taz 5 machine with “make offer” option.

I ordered the taz 5 from here because I was so hype about starting a 3d printing service business but I currently fighting depression and I didn’t even setup my 3d printer, it’s still intact in the box and I’m a little short on money so I will be listing it tomorow on EBAY. (I’m blocked for 24 h because I forgot my secret question on ebay)

Unfortunately I waited too long before return it for my 30 day money back guaranty.

What price should I ask for it?

Where can I advertise it?

UPDATE I received an offer at 2500$can or 1875$US and I’m gonna sell to this guy in 48h is I don’t receive a better offer before.

Hurry up if any interested! :slight_smile:

List it for like 2,100 dollars with a best offer. i would put on offer on it today

Here’s the ebay link to my machine.
Good luck.

Are you 100% sure they won’t take it back with a re-stocking charge???

I may be selling mine as its a lot larger than I thought it would be. I am taking on our winter trip to help me not get bored and its bigger than I want to deal with.

Yeah, I contacted lulzbot support but I was too lazy/busy/confused to get them in time for the 30-day refound.

Now I can’t seem to cancel my ebay order.

I’ll ask for a restock request, that’s a great alternative. thank you.

Since it never been opened I would think they would take it back with a re-stocking fee and of course your paying the return shipping which could be $50 - $70 or so.

Shipping is more like 150$ (can) and restocking fees 5%.

I sent my email to the customer service, I hope they accept my request even if I’M VERY LATE. I received an anwser from my first contact to them 29 day after my purchase but got the email 2 days later because of personal preoccupation. I figured I was screw and wth. I have enough money to eat but this was a luxury education investment I didn’t really need and I hesitated to keep it. I never got the change to set it up, I move out too and I always wanted to set it up but the thought of keeping it brand new to get a better resale value restrained me to set it up.

I manage to rent my appartment to someone but i’m not sure if he’s gonna pay me next month and I may have to kick him out and not having revenue this month.

No, they can’t do anything, I’m 2 month late. I was sure I would get a negative responce but since I frist initiated contact within the 30 first day I thought maybe it would count…

Business is business hey?

Let’s hope I receive great offer on that ebay auction because maybe I’ll keep it if I can make some money soon.

I’m a teacher at a high school and texas and might be able to find individuals who are interested in your machines. Let me know if you want to look into that. Thanks!

Alright, you’re always free to make offer on

It seem like I can’t unlist it, so, untill the listing is over I can’t take arrangement otherwise.

I received an offer at 2500$can or 1875$US and I’m gonna sell to this guy in 48h is I don’t receive a better offer before.

Hurry up if any interested! :slight_smile:

Somebody got a heck of a deal. Maybe I need to list mine on eBay? It was new in June has maybe 50 hours on it…