Taz 5 and Taz Mini for sale

Well, I tried the whole 3d printing thing and I guess it really isn’t for me. So I have two printers that I am now trying to sell. Both were bought last year. The Taz I bought direct from the Lulzbot website. The Mini I picked up from Amazon. I haven’t had any real problems out of either, except I clogged the extruder on my Taz 5. Once I got it unclogged the thing worked like a charm. I am asking for $1200 for the Taz 5 and $750 for the Mini. Please feel free to ask any questions. Pics posted below.

If this is in the wrong spot, please feel free to move to the correct forum, thanks in advance.

I would suggest considering selling them for a bit less, considering the prices on the refurbished models at https://itworks3d.com/, which is a licensed lulzbot seller, and these are just used, not refurbished. Then people might be more willing to buy them.

As cryptid7 mentioned, I might be interested in grabbing a 2nd used Taz if the prices were lower. If you cant find a buyer and are willing to negotiate that price, shoot me a PM.

I’m sure Taz 5 prices will drop come Tuesday when the Taz 6 is released, too.

Prices lowered.

sent a pm

I am working with my local boys and girls club and have a limited budget. A new child he is 7 has started to attend and does not have a fully developed hand. What I would like to do is to purchase your Taz 5 and print out a cyborg hand. In doing so, I hope to not only help him but to inspire the other children into the ideology of future engineering design and the want to help each other. Thank you for your time. I will not have access to the internet til June 7th 2016. going on a camping trip. If you happen to answer that is why I would be delayed in my response.

Prices Lowered. As these things are just sitting on my desk and collecting dust.

Where are the prices listed? I only see the original prices.

I believe he changed them in the first post. It shows it was last edited 3 days ago on the 25th.

Man, why does this stuff have to pop up when I don’t have the money. If you are feeling generous you could always donate one to my classroom and get a tax write off I’m sure :smiley: . Bust seriously, Best of luck to you on selling them though.

actually, yeah, at this point, one can buy a refurbed printer for not much more than asking price right now, with a warranty, and some guarantee of support, and newer models too. the mini is a 1.4/1.5 now?

the problem is: for the price, for example, a mini on sale at $1000… with a year warranty, and claim of original owner, goes a LONG way if/when problems happen. that’s worth $250-ish… unless one already has many printers and knows how to fix them / needs hot spares. i myself am shopping for a second printer, which is why found this post, but warranty is compelling. maybe on my fifth printer, i won’t care so much, but right now i’m feeling sensitive.

if you can locate a school, or local maker space, you can probably donate, and get a tax statement for full MSRP and get a NICE tax write off for your itemizing, and make some kids or you local community really really happy. a proper set of writeoffs (or donation to tax exempt org), probably is worth more than cash price on a sale?