Breaking down spool into coils

I was wondering if someone could help me design a fixture that breaks down 1kg spools into smaller coils with a 6 inch inner diameter. I made a tool to do it by hand but something automated with a stepper motor would be so nice.

Hi nbmoretto

I believe a stepper, a cheap steperdriver (i.e. stepstick) and a pulse generator (maybe cheap µC) can do it.

Not knowing your manual version you might need a wheels or so to connect the stepper.
If you want a precise length respooled I would use a “slipping belt” for the target spool, winding up faster than the actual “tracking” from the source spool. Something similar used in the old cassettes recorders.

All the Best

I finished my first prototype:

I need to add drag to the spool so there is more tension in the line. I am also raising the height of the first idler wheel.

After more testing I found it works perfectly fine without the idler wheels!

Hi nbmoratto

that looks very good.

Now the next step is measuring the length :wink:

All the Best

You could probably adapt a measuring wheel to do that. This is only $10 and uses a flywheel to measure up to 1000 feet.

Well I know the diameter of my coiler so x amount of rotations equalys y amount of length