Stop Filament Spools from Unspooling/Unwinding

This will be my first contribution and my first lesson learned. I’ve got plenty lessons learned after I started printing. I had a spool unwind probably about 1/4 of the roll on me while I was swapping them out. Winding them back up wasn’t too bad but it did cause an overwrap since I didn’t take my time which does add some extra stress on feed. Not too much of an issue really but annoying.

How to prevent the unspooling and unwinding forever for free! (minus some string)

Take a length of string, thread, twine, yarn, a strip of old jeans, or whatever (it would be most professional to choose at least something that doesn’t dust out like the last two I suggested might) and put it through the center of the spool bring it up one side of the spool going over the filament, and continue with the string going over the filament so you wrap around the other side and then tie a knot, a bow, a shoe lace loop, some boy scout or sailor knot you know, and you’re done!

That was a lot to say wrap the string around the spool so it covers the filament then tie it off. If you have an imagination which you should have one if you want/own a 3d printer, then hopefully this will make sense.

I tried adding weights and there was no need. It’s just annoying since the weight will rise, then drop when it hits the maximum height resetting the string. Takes a couple minutes so the thud will catch you off guard sometimes. A shoe lace knot is enough to keep it on their and it will never unwind again. Unless your knot comes undone. I store my spools like this and they stay happily wound. I promise this will work or your money back from this post guaranteed (at author’s discretion) :slight_smile:

I cut a small length of pantyhose at the calf section and wrap it over the filament around the spool, no problems since I figured this out and no dust!

The roller bearing-type spool holders bearings prevent the unspooling also. I’ll start the full spool on the rollers, then move the spool when filament is used a quarter of the way.