Bridge nylon settings for E3Dv6 .40 nozzle

After extensive testing, the speed that works best at default 100% extrusion (all layers) extruder multiplier 1.06, set speeds to 19mm/s for just about everything except bridges and supports, at 240C. This provides full fusion in the layers, be sure to use a large brim or skirt (5 loops, 25mm extruded min, 5-10mm) attached to the outside edges of the model when printing, the raft feature doesn’t work very well with nylon IMO brims and skirts do work.

Apply painter’s tape to the entire bed, and then wipe it down with a clean rag and some 90% isopropyl alcohol
Turn off the filament cooling fan on all layers, turn the heater bed off

Holes all the way through models seems to cause curling in those areas, so solid models make more reliable prints when printing at 100% infill.

These settings would work for the Buddaschnozzle if it were stable enough to print at 240C but other posts say it isn’t, so don’t.

I’m printing some new models that are looking good, I’ll post some when I have something to show for all this dialing in.

Ok here are some new photos of a nylon part I printed, I figured I needed a backup for the other Nylon herringbone gear I made, and I wanted to check my new settings using MatterSlice. Just click on the pictures to see the expanded versions.

as you can see a very wide brim is added to nylon parts to keep them affixed to the build plate.

When you do it right it looks kinda like this

Bridging when dialed in looks better than PLA which surprised me it just took a while to get there

and finally when the day’s done and you need some inspiration to print use my current best print as wallpaper.

Looks good. :slight_smile: