Taulman Bridge Nylon Brim Issue

I am doing a lot of bushings with Bridge Nylon. I have to use a glue stick and a small brim to get adhesion. But lately, The brim has been “pulling” off with what looks like the first layer of my print. It is paper thin and really does on harm this part as its almost solid.

Is this normal for a brim or am I getting poor second layer adhesion?

Reach out to the support team with more information on your slicing settings and temps, or which profile you’re using in Cura LE (and version number too). Pictures will help: LulzBot.com/Support.

What is the best way to send the print setup? The gcode file?

I think I just found it. I save the project as a 3mf file. Trying to get photos that go with the profile.


I’m using Taulman Bridge Nylon with the PolyDissolve S1 with the Lulzbot Dual Extruder Tool Head v3 on the Taz 6. The recommend print is that impossible gear and its not working out right for me. It’s printing the whole thing, but it won’t stay together. I let it sit in the water for a few hours so that the ploydissolve will wash out and the bottom part of the housing around the gears separate and it has happened twice now. I would appreciate help on whats going on. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot holding it together just a few spots holding it and it is thin to me. Thanks in advance.