Broke Z Axis stepper shaft coupler

I broke a shaft coupler today in a head crash and I have several order I need to get out. Does any have a spare Misumi CPL16-5-5 that i could buy? I cant find them anywhere that ships quickly. I’ve ordered a set of generic couplers from amazon to get by but would like to have the OEM back on there.

IT works has them.

If you need to get operational quicker than that, there is a trick that can work. You take the smallest but thickest nylon plastic tubing you can find that will fit over the 5mm shafts, zip tie the ends down with two zip ties on either side, and you have yourself a temporary flex coupler ala Taz 3 style to tide you over until the new ones arrive.

Thanks Piercet.

I was able to epoxy it back together temporarily. I have ordered a new OEM Misumi one and a cheap one from amazon to get by. Turns out the z axis crash was caused by a dead inductive probe. I have been having intermittent issues with G28 (only on Z) and i think the failing probe was why. This last time it crashed hard into the bed and the coupler did it’s job. If I wire the old z-axis endstop back in parallel with the output side of the optoisolator, I should be able to use it as a failsafe no?

Ouch, that sucks. how many hours did you have on that probe?

Yes, using the limit switch as a failsafe should work well. You need to wire them in paralell for a Normally Open (NO) setup, not serial, so either one of them can close the loop, and a Normally Closed (NC) loop would not work well with two switches since the loop would always be closed unless both switches were tripped. You can also build a hard limit into firmware somehow, but I haven’t played with that.

Not sure on hours but I’d estimate 100+. It’s a NPN omron E2K-X4ME1