Build Plate Idea - Pure Garolite

I print on a machined garolite plate. The garolite is exactly the size of the modular glass plate including thickness. It is a direct replacement for the glass plate. I use it for my nylon prints and I use magigoo PA or some PVA stick. I think it may be better for other materials that don’t work with glass very well. (PETG destroyed my last glass plate…) Or perhaps I am just saving my glass for my PLA prints…

Some of you new Lulzbot guys in Fargo might consider this a product idea. I would love to buy them than hire a machine shop to make them for me.

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Just a note: I sand the garolite on the print side to make a rough surface for the PVA to bind to. The heat side is marked in marker as “heater side”. Its just too smooth to be a good print surface. Its the main advantage over glass.