TAZ Replacement Bed

My understanding is that I should be using a plain glass bed (no PET tape) to get the best adhesion with PLA and also a cooling fan. I see the glass in the store, but can I buy the glass bonded to a heater so I can just swap out the whole thing?

Also, is there a recomendation on what type of fan to buy?

You can also use blue painters tape as a print surface. PLA sticks well to it, provided you leave the bed off while printing. A 40mm fan is the usual choice.

We use PET with PLA, it works well, probably better than just bare glass. But you can do the latter too.

Plain glass does not work unheated, and it can work well heated.

But masking tape (of any color) works very well on a cold bed.

You can also print on acrylic, cold Garrolite, or cold cloth glued to glass or aluminum.

Some users have encountered flaking or delamination when removing parts when printing on bare glass. We recommend printing with either the stock PET surface, or with the new PEI print surface that some of our more advanced users are using with great success.