Buying Refurb Taz 5 vs. 6

I am looking to buy a Lulzbot Taz. A little background. I have been printing with a XYZ Printing DaVinci 2.0 for about 9 months now.

  1. Haven’t had the need for a lot of Dual Color Printing (or dual material for that matter).

  2. Have gotten use to bed adhesion. I prefer ABS and purple glue stick as my method of choice.

  3. Looking for maximum bed size. The Taz 5 seems to have the biggest commercial bed on the best rated machine. I would like to be able to print Cosplay props without the need to glue everything together or split .stl files just to glue them back together.

  4. Not sure if the prettier design, self cleaning nozzle, or self leveling bed are really worth it to me. DaVinci had self leveling bed, but it was slow and tedious, nor did it work very well. A feeler gauge was quicker for me. A wire brush for the nozzle does a good cleanup.

With a little patience, I can probably pick up a Taz 6 for $1700 or a Taz 5 for $1199. With the Taz, I can slowly upgrade time and funds permitting. Is there anyone who has had the 5 then upgraded to the 6 where it was worth the price tag for paying more?

Thanks in advance.

With a 5 there are also other upgrade paths available that are actually easier to implement on a 5 than they are on a 6. Specifically the Openbuilds X and Y axis modifications. If you also add in one of the micrometer barrel based Z axis upgrades, you essentially never need to level the taz, and you can add the nozzle cleaner if you like too. The 6 has newer firmware, the 12mm rods on X are an improvement over the 10mm ones on the 5, though if you are going with the modified approach that doesn’t matter. THe Taz 6 tool head can be adapted to the 5, or there are similar aftermarket upgrades to address that as well. Either one is a great solid machine, a 6 is better out of the box, the upgrade paths on the Taz 5 are slightly easier in my oppinion.

Thank you for the response.

So do I understand your reply to mean, I can get similar to better performance with easy upgrades over time with a 5? I.e. the 12 mm rails/rods and extruder upgrades?

If auto leveling is not a selling point for you, in my opinion yes, that is indeed what I am saying. A Taz 6 is a better choice for someone new to printing or who wants auto leveling, otherwise for the price, a taz 5 is a very nice option.

Ok, thanks then. Self leveling can be done very well with a feeler gauge. When in doubt print out test circles.

Thanks a lot for your input.