Will the TAZ5 be upgradeable to the TAZ6

I am not sure if I should buy a TAZ5 now or wait a few months for the TAZ6. I’m currently working on a project that will eventually need a 3d printer. One of the deciding factors is if the TAZ5 can be upgraded to the TAZ6, or at least have the same performance. I know its a little early, but if anyone has any info, please tell me.

There is a thread over in the 3d printing Reddit forum thingy where they are discussing possible taz 6 upgrade kits official from lulzbot. There likely will not be a side electronics box upgrade, but the bed, x, y and z is possible to be a kit of some sort. You can also print the parts and upgrade yourself.

I saw the 6 at the open house, and asked about that. There’s a lot of upgrades, and it’d be a very very fiddly process.

My conclusion was to earmark my tax refund for the 6, and sell my Taz4->5 on ebay.

Thanks for the first hand account of the Taz 6.

What kind of upgrades were you most impressed by?

Autoleveling is a big one. The new dual-extruder they had running looks much better than the V1 with the metal plate. Another one is the upgraded rods. The whole thing just looks more polished. To a large degree I understand their ‘what do we do next’ email - the Taz 6 is really polished, and further upgrades are going to be more incremental.

It’s open source, but sourcing some of the parts (metal ones in particular) may be challenging for a DIY project, unless AO sells them.

For folks who love those projects, it’d be a fun build, and my hats off to anyone who does it. If you did the open rails upgrade, this’ll be straightforward.

I have a few extruders (dual, flexy/dually modded to flexy, .35mm, etc) that I’ll probably mod to get them to work on the new machine, but a full upgrade is beyond what I want to spend time on.