Can I run 2 different versions of Cura on the same machine?

Hello everyone, I have a question for you all.

I am going to be downloading the newest version of the Cura to update the firmware of my Mini 2 (hoping to resolve a leveling issue with it). Now that being said, I am not ready just yet to update the firmware on my Taz 6.

In the past, anytime I install a new version of Cura, the old version seems to be left behind, as if it could run independent (never tried this of course). So I was wondering, if I install the newest version of Cura, can I use that one for slicing models for my Mini 2, while using the older version I have now, to slice models for my Taz 6? Until I am ready to switch over the Taz 6 to the newer firmware

This would not be recommended, they use the same space in %appdata% to store any changes you make. Doing this would likely introduce strange behavior that would be very difficult to trouble shoot.

Ahh dang it! Well time to back up everything, hoping I forget nothing

I have 3 different ones. I use lulzbot cura, regular cura and kinroot version of cura. Haven’t had any problems keeping them seperate. I haven’t had any setting change or go missing that I didn’t do it myself. What you load in one curs stays in that cura. They do use same space on hard drive but stay seperate

With some clever movement of the contents of the %appdata% and %localappdata% directories it is possible. I had CuraLE 2.6, CuraLE 3.2, and CuraLE 3.6 all installed at one point in time. Two different versions of CuraLE 3.6 (i.e. 3.6.31 and 3.6.23) would require more cleverness but it could be done.

Depending on what version of CuraLE you are currently using for the TAZ 6, you may be able to slice with the newer version without upgrading the firmware. Keep copies of the start and end gcode and copies of the firmware version and go ahead and slice with the newer CuraLE.