Can I run 2 different versions of Cura on the same machine?

Hello everyone, I have a question for you all.

I am going to be downloading the newest version of the Cura to update the firmware of my Mini 2 (hoping to resolve a leveling issue with it). Now that being said, I am not ready just yet to update the firmware on my Taz 6.

In the past, anytime I install a new version of Cura, the old version seems to be left behind, as if it could run independent (never tried this of course). So I was wondering, if I install the newest version of Cura, can I use that one for slicing models for my Mini 2, while using the older version I have now, to slice models for my Taz 6? Until I am ready to switch over the Taz 6 to the newer firmware

This would not be recommended, they use the same space in %appdata% to store any changes you make. Doing this would likely introduce strange behavior that would be very difficult to trouble shoot.

Ahh dang it! Well time to back up everything, hoping I forget nothing