Can Lulzbot submit printers to be added to regular Cura?

Cura 5.6 is leaps and bounds better than the version we are currently at with the LE version. Especially when it comes to supports, namely the rapid improvement with tree supports.

I know the “old” Cura does things the “new” doesn’t do. Perhaps those areas can be fixed with plug ins?

Anyways, just an ask. Perhaps others can chime in.

I’d really like to use the newer tree supports for my Lulzbot machines. And if the Lulzbot team is working with the Cura team, then I feel better know the gurus are working together :slight_smile:

They’ve said that they are doing initial work on 5, and that the jump from 4 to 5 is nowhere near as significant as 3 to 4, so all the hard things they’re implementing in 4 (USB control/monitoring, multiple extruder optimizations, etc.) should port over to 5 fairly easily. I expect they’ll get LE 4.x good and stable, then immediately work on 5.x instead of blindly clutching to 3.x for so long.

Of course, there’s nothing preventing you from using Ultimaker Cura 5.6 (and beyond) as long as you are willing to do some manual configuration. The process has been discussed at length in this forum.

Right, I recall those threads.
But - just saying - if Lulzbot was submitting these things to Cura directly, that would be really great, too.

Their pace of improvements from 3 to 4 has been good. But 5.4 on up has had dramatic improvements with tree supports, something I use extensively on my large prints.

We are currently working on Cura 5. So that is not far off. The jump from 3 to 4 was more difficult than 4 to 5.


Question do you mean the configure of a profile or Multipule 3DPrinters just wanted that’s misunderstanding straightened out