Can someone post a photo of their AO-100 AO-101 Power Supply

Hey Guys,

Can someone post a photo of the business end of the power supply that came with one of the AO-100 or AO-101 printers? I had a wire come loose over the weekend and I am not sure where it goes. I am almost 100% positive it is a ground wire, but better safe than sorry.

I’ll post a better one when I get home tonight if you still need it, but for now, there are a couple AO-100 power supply connection pictures in a few of the development threads I’ve posted. Specifically the Linear z rail and project AO-taz threads.

The relevant pictures are here:

Basically, the primary power cord comes into the right side of the power supply, green to ground, white to the middle lug and black to the right, the two black auxiliary power feeds go from the + / - section of the power supply, both to the connector block that ties into the RAMPS 1.4 board. One provides power to the board, the other to the hot end and heated bed.

I’ll have a picture of the wiring for the AO-100 power supply for you soon.

Hey Orias,

Here is a photo of the black wire that came loose.


The wire that came loose needs to be installed next to the exising wire found in +V, or the second screw terminal when counting from the left. Make sure it’s unplugged when you do so.

Here’s that picture: