Is there a way to calibrate the machine better to get rid of these lines?

If you are using an AO-100 try switching over to the x-end 2.0 clamps(in this directory: to fix the problem, another thing to check is to make sure there isn’t any nut slop in the z-axis. There’s a brass nut in the clamp that needs to be able to move around a little in the x-axis but none in the z-axis(keeps the carriage aligned with the linear rods, not the drive rods). You can adjust how it can move by the 4 vertical screws holding the clamp together. You’ll know it’s right when you can move the drive z-rod in the X-axis but when you hold the frame, grab the x-end and try to move it up and down there’s very little to no play. You should see quite a jump in print quality!

I am using the Lulzbot AO-101 already. From what I have been reading it is a z wobble issue. Unsure of how to fix or easy it is to fix, since the stuff I have seen hasn’t been for a Lulzbot

Ok, I fixed it. What I did is remove both lead screws and reseat them in being careful to keep them at the same level.

Ah good, that looks infinitely better.