Can the Aerostruder print 1.75mm filament?

It’s a well-known fact that the Mini 1 could print 2.85mm and 1.75mm and I have had great success with both.
I’m looking to upgrade my print head, but I can’t find any information online if the Aerostruder will still print 1.75mm filament. Does anyone have experience with this first hand? Thanks

The Aerostruder has about the same amount of capability for printing 1.75mm filament as our standard Mini toolhead. Which is to say it isn’t really what the toolhead was built for so adjustments need to be made to the settings to get the same quality prints and I always recommend keeping a closer eye on the printer when working with 1.75mm filament since if it gets jammed it can be much more difficult to remove. That being said it can certainly be done. You would want to adjust your filament diameter setting in Cura to 1.7 (to account for filament diameter variance) and I usually slightly reduce the printing temperature since the thinner strand of filament usually doesn’t require as much heat.