Can't change filament - clog?

Hi guys - I am really starting to dislike this printer. In the beginning (about 1 year ago) all was well but now I am plagued with problems. I am on my 4th printer after issues with clicking stepper motors, uneven print beds, an LCD that died - just increasingly frustrated with what I am running into. So I let a print job run over night - it worked fine, I go to change the filament like I always do - heat nozzle to 210 for PLA - then run the change filament - it took a few tries - but I got the filament out - now trying to put another color in and it won’t budge.

They have the worst filament change that I have ever seen - have you seen how PRUSA loads and unloads - wow - its amazing compared to this.

I don’t want to take apart the head - any advice?


I got it - I had to heat my nozzle to 240c - and used CURA to manually extrude and retract a few times - while inserting the new filament - I should not have to go through this to simply change filament. WTH?!

What printer? What print head? Those temps are way too hot, you’re deep in the melting zone. A cold pull is done at 160c for PLA. I find it best to extrude 10mm at 180C, adjust the temp to 160C then pull out the filament by hand or retract 60mm or more on the aerostruder print head.

Thank you - I will adjust the temps as you suggested for the next change - it is the mini 2 desktop with the standard aero extruder head. I think the trick is as you suggested - to extrude before retracting. Using the Change Filament option from the LCD just does not seem to work like it used to.