Taz workhorse not purging

HI any help would be great ,
Recently purchased the workhorse after about 10 hours of printing in total the filament wont purge ,
Nozzle heating fine and checked for any blockages but cant see anything at all.
Any help or know issues would be great
Thanks in advance

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What toolhead? With the e3d Titan Aero-based heads, there’s still a chance of (usually PLA) filament swelling and breaking off inside the feed tube when you do a filament change. This usually happens right at the top of the feed tube, so the swollen filament won’t heat and soften enough to easily get moved, and since it’s at the top, trying to push it with filament usually results in the filament deflecting away from the feed tube completely.

What usually works for me in this situation is to set the hot end temp to 220c, and completely remove tension from the idler (twist the silver knob clockwise). Once it’s warmed up a bit, use a pick to poke the top of the filament and work it upwards. Once there’s enough exposed filament, you can grab with tweezers and remove. If there’s absolutely nothing to grab or poke, use the longest 1.5mm allen wrench you can get, support the toolhead and push through the jam through. Others swear by using acupuncture needles up through the nozzle as another way to try and dislodge a jam.

If you were using a brightly-colored filament, it’s a lot easier to see the part of the jam, but if it’s black, it’s tough to make out at all.

Thanks for this ,
This is definitely this issue but struggling to get the filament out even when heated will keep trying this method though .

I have been through this many times there is a tool I will include a link NoClogger.com
So I recommend for pla set the extruder anywhere from 230•c to 240•c then use the no clogger

  • note this is only meant for a no longer then 15 minutes per application