CAT-Guard for Mini?

So a little while back a coworker of mine showed me the LulzBot CAT-Guard ( that could be built.

This caught my interest, especially as I have wanted to experiment with ABS more, but as I looked into it a little more I quickly had a concern raised, and that is fitting my Mini inside of the box, specifically, the filament spool. Unlike the TAZ that has the spools on the side, the Minis are designed to hold them on the top.

I was thinking about maybe designing a new spool holder, but seeing as I am still learning all the fine details of my printer, I am unsure if simply moving it to the side would be acceptable, or if it would cause issues (like stress on the extruder, ext).

Has anyone made this box for the Mini? Do the default specs work for it? Or did you do some tweaks of your own to make it fit?

Someone designed a plexi enclosure for the mini that works really well. It covers a few of the “holes” in the frame and creates room in the front and the back to accommodate the length of the Y axis.

You can find it on eBay and some (but I don’t think all) of the parts are on Thingiverse.

I assume you are referring to this?

Seeings as your worry all the parts may not be available, I am kind of discouraged (I was looking forward to building my own). Plus I like the look of the CAT-Guard over that (yes that’s not as compact, but still). I do wonder though which handles the heat better

Though i know nothing about cat guards and/or enclosures i desined a spool holder for the side. It may or may not help you though.

That could help. I might want to turn it sideways, but we’ll see

Ikea Stuva is the perfect size for a mini:

That is beautiful. I wish I had the room for this, I might have to make it!

I got my enclosure here: (I’m not affiliated :slight_smile: )
It fits nicely onto the Lulzbot mini. I think you can even get a top panel with a slit in it, so you can feed the filament through.
It does not reduce noise however.