Side-Mounted Spool Holder for Mini

Since i made my mini from scratch i needed a spool holder that i could actually print on the 6" x 6" size mini bed. The original design was too big. Plus i needed one off to the side because i currently have my mini under a shelf. So i designed my own. It is now on Thingiverse.

I’m guessing it won’t work with the larger 5lb rolls?

Either way, excellent design!

It doesn’t look like there is enough room.

Nice work!

I honestly don’t know. probably not if they are significantly larger in diameter. That’s not to say this design couldn’t be enlarged to fit one, but if it were i doubt it could be printed on a mini and would probably need to be printed on a TAZ instead. As the design is now it barely fits on the mini build size area.

But thanks!