I started a print this morning in nylon filament. I took my son to school and upon getting back, pottered downstairs until I heard an odd noise coming from the loft - where the printer is. I went to see the unit to see what can only be described as a ‘right mess’. The print had failed hugely, not only that, but it melted the cleaning area as well. I had seen small air pockets underneath the PEI surface; although I didn’t know this until I started researching today, but today it looks like it’s just been ripped apart by the print head.
I’ve no idea what to do now, I’m somewhat stumped. The printer is only a month or so old, so I’ve no idea why this has happened.
I enclose a picture of the destruction - for your amusement if nothing else!

This is why you always stick around for atleast the first 2 layers…

Air pockets under the bed is a known issue at Lulzbot. They tracked the cause down to humidity absorbed in the PEI trapped between the PEI And adhesive backing. They have now fixed this issue and are replacing full beds under warranty (I received one)

The bed is easy to replace. Remove the 4 corner washers, unplug two connectors, remove bed. Replacing is just the reverse order.

Lulz might cover this one under warranty but if not, just buy a new bed assembly and you should be up and running in about 15-20min.


Thanks Jim,
I have spoken to support and they seem, so far, to be willing to replace the part.
Looking forward to getting going again - not looking forward to the wait for the new bit!!! :smiley:

Lulzbot support is always the best! :slight_smile: If you have questions about anything from something odd with your printer to “If I want to print this object, what suggestion do you have for getting good results?”, email them or call them. They’ll always get back to you right away.