Newbie User Right out of the box test

I received my Lulzbot Mini today and ran through the ‘Get started’ manual to print the test rocktopous. As I eagerly watched the Mini start the print, the Mini decided to destroy the print bed. Contacted support, they said they would have to get back to me. Now I guess I will sit and look at this $1300 paperweight until they figure out what I can do. :cry:

That is a bummer. I’m guessing the auto-leveling failed. Did you happen to watch the machine touch each of the washers on the corners of the bed when it started up? People have had problems with it not touching one of the washers so it did not know where the bed really was. One common cause is the stepper motor shaft breaks (I think there was a bad run).

The cool kids say to watch the auto-leveling procedure and if it does not touch any of the washers to hit the power switch right away. I can’t remember if this is in the manual.

I would guess that you will get this either fixed or replaced for free.

P.S. My first print failed because Windows 10 locked up my computer after the 2nd layer printed. Luckily for me, my laptop seems to work better with Windows 10.

Also make watch and make sure when it makes contact with each corner that the bed doesnt flex like its being pushed into hard. Should lightly touch it with no deflection of the bed corners

After looking at this photo I just went Wow! Thi is something right out of the box? Hmmmm.

Try going to Look under maintenance and repair.They have a Step by step Photo illustrated tutorial on replacing the Pei sheet on the mini. I used this site when I had to remove my toolhead to sed it in and have it repaired.
Best of luck.

They should replace the bed assembly for you, but if by chance they do not, replacing the PEI sheet is a cinch.

The shorts and sweet steps (there are step by step photoes on the lulzbot website)


  1. Cut zip tie under bed and unplug two connectors.
  2. Remove the 4 corner bed washer screws.
  3. Put bed in freezer for 1+ hours.
  4. Remove PEI sheet
  5. Use IPA and a sharp razor to remove old adhesive
  6. Apply new sheet and remove bubbles
  7. Do steps 2 and 1 in reverse order.

Takes about an hour (not including the freezer time).

Like I said though, hopefully they’ll just swap out the bed since it’s under warranty. Let this be a lesson, always monitor that first layer and shut off the power if something doesn’t seem right.

Hopefully this all gets resolved quickly. Lulzbot support is awesome.


I would tend to agree that this should be a free replacement given that it did this right out of the box.

This further reinforces my initial belief that there may be a quality control issue at play. I also had issues at first, but nowhere near this bad, mostly calibration issues that I eventually traced to shoddy filament. Don’t ever go cheap on filament - you will regret it! You have been warned. I have since switched to Colorfabb nGen and have had stellar results ever since. So once your bed is repaired, consider trying it out. It has temperature resistance similar to ABS (print temp is 230 C), but without the fumes.

As for Windows 10, I won’t let it anywhere near any of my computers. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Linux on my laptop which I use to run my Mini. If that crashes, something absolutely devastating must have happened (hardware failure) to make it do so, and I have more important problems to deal with than a failed print at that point.