Cheese grater-like horizontal surface very uniform repeating pattern

Hello People.
I am new to this forum and came here to learn how to correct or prevent the cheese-grater-like surface as shown in the attached picture. This is a window mount combination camera holder/backlight shield.
It was printed at the library on a TAZ 6. All surfaces except the top are pretty nice. It actually feels like a cheese grater, each opening in the surface has a raised ridge around it. I would like to help the librarian resolve this problem. I have looked through a lot of the posts and found nothing like this.
PLA was used for the print which is 127mm x 127mm square.

Victor Maletic

That is interesting but I venture to that’s in the design. If it were the printer then everything printed would come out like that. You have the print file?

Not enough top layers in your print settings, or your infill percentage is too low.