Cheetah on PEI

I bought a sample of Cheetah and tried my first print with it today.

Based on the Lulzbot testing notes and the Lulzbot Cura profile for Cheetah, I went with 230c extruder and 55c bed. Printed directly on the PEI (no gluestick). The print went really well and looked great. Really nice material!

However… It stuck FAR TOO WELL to the PEI bed. The Lulzbot testing notes said Cheetah “releases well” from PEI, and I’ve seen other users say the same. But it sure didn’t release well for me. :blush: Luckily it was a small 22mm diameter part, but I still spent about 30 minutes scraping it off the PEI. I’ve never had ANYTHING stick that well before!

For successive prints, I used Elmer’s glue stick and had excellent results; print stayed put during print and released easily.

So what’s the trick of getting Cheetah to “release well” from bare PEI? Lower bed temp during print? Lower removal temp? Something else???

I’m in the same boat as you. I always advise using gluestick with flexibles although I suppose if you have nearly no compression on the first layer, you’d be OK without it.

Curious to hear other thoughts.