Flexystruder and Glue on PEI Bed?

I was considering getting the Flexystruder for my Lulzbot Mini ($300 seems pretty steep!) and had some questions about using glue to prevent permanent damage, due to excessive bed adhesion, to the PEI bed when printing with Ninjaflex. How much glue is supposed to be used? Does the glue come off easily after? Will the glue affect bed adhesion when printing with other materials (ABS, PLA, etc.)? I want to print with Ninjaflex, but I don’t want to ruin my bed for the other materials! Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you use an elmers glue stick, like the one below, you should have no problem with messing up your bed. Just put down 1 nice even layer and your parts will stick really well. Being it is water soluble all you need to do is take a warm damp towel/cloth and wipe it off.

Great, thanks! Will other normal gluesticks wash off too?

I would say use any clue stick that says “washable” on it. Most CVS or other pharmacy type stores carry the one in the post above so I would just use that. Pretty cheap and lasts long.

Awesome, thanks!