Choosing material for mountain bike pedals

Hello, iam trying 3D print a bicycle platform pedal with FDM (intened use is for mountain bike)

Body of the pedal is 3D printed and will be assembled like here:
Model is designed with exact dimmensions (ready to fit bearings and axle after printing) but i guess with most materials i ll have to do some calibration drilling.
Also ill need to drill a thread for end cups and threads for the bolts into the body of pedl

Internal shape for the axle and bearings is modeled with final dimmensions (ready to fit bearing and axle after printing), but i expect litlle bit of calibration drilling

So far i printed first part with ABS (with 80% infill to reduce warping)
the result was not so bad, bottom section was slightly out of shape, but nothing big. Litlle issue was with hole for the axle (since it has different diameters), printed shape was deformated and it took extra drilling in order to be able fit axle with bearings,
after assembly its spinning almost freely, except one spot in which it rubbs

During 6 months of riding it survived some impacts, when i was riding over roots and rocksits, even wasnt much scratched. Last week after big impact it cracked -
and also few days earlier torn out one bolt

now i want to try print it with PETG and see the comparasion

i expect better dimmension stability (less drilling needed) and probably it will scratch easily, compared to ABS.
anyway when i looked on some datasheets iam not sure about overall strenght and break resistance - can i expect better or worse result than with ABS ?


for 3th part i would like to print it to withstand where ABS failed or PETG could

so i need some better impact resistance and strength, also being able to do some drilling (shape and threads) and also decent dimmensional stability

I would like to ask you for tips for best material to use, was thinking about Nylon 12 or PC but cant decide

i Will appreciate your thougths and tips and please excuse me for my english


Personally, if you want high toughness, you should look at Polycarbonate or Nylon. They’re two of the toughest materials that I know of.

Polyurethanes are going to be the toughest fro impact. Armadillo filament should work well for the external impact prone areas. It might flex too much for the pedal though.

This is something I would definitely do in alloy 910.

Plus Alloy 910 is slippery with rock impacts and you can Dye it with RIT dye. Great stuff. Removing the support material on it can be a beach*, though.