Soft but stiff

Hi, i have a recliner that was missing a plastic foot so the exposed wood gouged my laminate floor. So i modeled replacement feet but i think the ABS is too hard. What filament will be softer than ABS but is still stiff?

PCTPE would probably work well for this. It is more “rubbery” than ABS, also extremely strong.

The next step would be a semi-flex, like Cheetah. I’ve printed it successfully on a standard Lulzbot Mini extruder (i.e., you don’t need a Flexistruder to print it). Works very well for making non-skid “feet”.

I’ve always found this chart (and the paragraph below it) on Taulman’s web site to be a good comparison of filament, it may help you choose:

:smiley: thanx this is what I wanted. I happen to have PCTPE - I just never used it. I did print my model with it and I think it will do the job.

Here is a thought. It might be good to double the protection. I have the flexidually. - Does anyone know if it is possible to do PCTPE with Ninjaflex? It doesn’t show as an option but it seems like they have similar properties (temp for example).