Ciclop 3D scanner (BQ & Horus)

Hello everyone,

I have just completed a Ciclop 3D scanner using my TAZ5 to print all the components. It has turned out really well and
I am getting some nice scans from the unit.

Here is a picture of the scanner but for a full description of the project with many photographs and videos I have put
together an Instructable project :

Link to Instructable :

I have uploaded the point cloud and post processed scan result here:

Download :
The ZIP file contains three files:
The point cloud scan obtained directly from the Ciclop : can_scan.ply
The mesh created from the point cloud : can_scan_mesh.stl
The mesh plus colour created from the point cloud : can_scan_mesh.ply

Any questions or comments please fire away.



Here is a screen shot from MeshLab showing the output from the scanner

Looks nice. How did you get yours to actually scan usable data?

Hi there,

Not quite sure what you mean ‘usable data’ ?

Do you mean the quality of the data or the printable format ?