circle issue

Hi , I am fresh in 3D print, and I am using TAZ6, print a prefect circle base model which is for testing.
but I printed a lemon base object finally.

How could I tune the printer ?

one more, how could I make the stick on top more smooth?

Hey it looks like the belts might be a little loose. Go ahead and check the tension and if they are a bit loose, tighten them like in step 2 of this ohai . Be careful not to over-tighten them as that can cause other issues.

As far as the top feature being blob, you can decrease speed, increase fan, or print two of the same object at once to give each layer a chance to cool off. I believe there is a minimum layer print time in the cooling section of the advanced settings in cura. Increasing that should help that top feature turn out better.

Thanks lot !
Finally solve the problems :smiley: