Cleaning nozzle surface


I’m running into a problem with my prints: at some point, the nozzle seems to stick to the print, which obviously leads to a bad print. I suspect the buildup of polycarbonate on the nozzle surface is the culprit. I read in the manual that acetone can be used to clean ABS off the nozzle. Can acetone also be used for polycarbonate?

Please advise, thank you.

Acetone will not dissolve PC very well. A wire brush or cotton cloth should work with the nozzle hot.

DO NOT use a wire brush on your hot end. It can lead to damaging electrical components, and possible destroying your RAMBo board.

To clean the nozzle bring the print head to printing temp. Using a thick leather glove and a clean blue shop towel, wipe off the outside of the hot end to clean. As it is at temperature, the filament on the outside should be molten.

I blew out my board using metal cleaning methods. It’s extremely easy to do. However, rather than say never do this, you can heat up the nozzle, turn off the machine, unplug the machine, and then clean. If using some sort of wool, steel or bronze, make sure there are no hairs left anywhere on the nozzle before plugging in and turning on.

It is safer to never ever use metal, but if you are careful and willing to accept the job of replacing your board, the danger can be mitigated.

Thick leather gloves… good call. :slight_smile:

Green Scotchbrite pad, sold in kitchen cleaning dept at most supermarkets or at home improvement stores for cleaning. Non metal, just tough plastic fiber. Keep by the printer and wipe early and wipe often when the nozzle is hot.

I have started using the scotchbrite pads on mine as well. It cleans the nozzle great. I fold them in half to prevent heat transfer. When the nozzle is hot, it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to clean it up.